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Hello, Lovlies!  What are your plans for the weekend?  I’m heading up for a weekend in Birmingham with the boy and his family.  I always love visiting his parents – his mom is a wonderful cook.  We will hopefully get up to some festivities this weekend, leading up to the holidays, and I’m dying to go ice skating!

Enjoy the links below 🙂  Have a great weekend!

Oyster card holder that’s actually attractive!

Great side dish to any party

Playground slides

Great guide for drinking at work functions


Image from Vi.sualize.us.


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Unique and beautiful – china dinnerware sinks into the black table.  This display at London’s Andaz Liverpool Street is meant to evoke a sense of the traditional advent calendar.  Each dish will contain a different treat each day, and prompts customers to explore and try luxurious treats in a fun and different way.  So if you’re in London, head over to the east side to try some of this delightful display – and enjoy some of the events that will be happening each day also!  I know I will.  Anywhere there is chocolate I will go! 🙂

Image from WeHeart.

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So today I went to my first hip hop class today – wayyy to advanced for me though!  Crazy – can people be considered beginners when they are already in their 20s?  I feel like I’ve missed out on something from my younger self…  Positive news – I found another class.

Anyways – what brought me back home was my inspiration.  I hope you love these links as much as I do!

– Amazing new retail store!!

– Healthy oatmeal

– Great ideas for teacher gifts

– A drink for winter

Image from Live2Dance

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My love of animation probably stemmed from my childhood – I grew up around the animated Disney films (the real ones though, not the digital stuff).  As I grew older, I became more and more attached, and appreciated the quality of design it took.

Now – I love movies such as Disney’s version of The Princess and the Frog, but more so, for the beautiful animation!  But its not all roses and princesses in my top animated movies – most of it is gothic and dark.  Like the above – Jamie Carliri‘s Series of Unfortunate Events End Credits.

BEAUTIFUL!  This whole animated masterpiece was done using paper cutouts and spectral graphics – adding in some Thomas Newman score.  It is beautiful – and playful.  I aboslutely love it!

So… as any designer with a love of something would do… I showed my partner.  Result? BORED!  Bored?  How can you be bored by that?  Something I will never understand….

Left Brain 2, Right Brain 1.  Losing!  Again!

* Sometimes, the credits are better than the movie – some say!  Check out this site to find more!

Video from Jamie Carliri‘s Website.

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Ever notice those trolleys at the airport?  Ok ok… who doesn’t?  Usually they are a convenience for families – piling suitcase upon suitcase on a small cart in order to make life a little easier.  But there’s something not right with that picture.

I have always felt that airport trolleys are made for beautiful trunk suitcases, such as the Louis Vuitton trunks as pictured above.  There’s no other use for it.  Through the simplicity of a few trunk suitcases, the trolley is transformed into a beautiful way to travel.

One day, I’ll trade in my beat-up suitcase for a vintage trunk.  I am such a big fan.

Image photographed by Dennis Stone.

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Tea time in England – a favourite pastime of the British.  I use to be a coffee girl myself until I was converted – now I can’t get enough of my green tea!  I remember my first conversion happened on the flight into England a year and 9 months ago.  Asked for a black tea instead of a black coffee, and loved it!  (little did I know that real teas were so much better then airline tea!)

Then, there was Yumchaa.  I was a TEA CONVERT after discovering this gem in London!  Its housed right around the corner from busy Camden High Street and right before Regents Park.  It has a beautiful range of fresh teas, all sitting in small cups like the photo above.  The tea house design is beautiful as well – exposed brick walls, unstained wood, and mis-matched chairs.  And with free wi-fi internet, it becomes a great place to take friends or even work!

So there you have it.  The first of many * Travel Tuesday * posts to come!

Yumchaa is located in Camden Town, London NW1 0HT.

Image from Rene Humphery.

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Everyone should take a look at this beautiful handmade packaging.  It is creative, unique, and is sure to make anyone smile when receiving it!

I was looking for something like this the other day – what great ideas.  My plan is to do handmade cards and packaging for my holiday gifts this year.  I might steal a few of these ideas – with a twist in my own way of course.

This is great for any designer or craft-oriented person – or even someone who just wants to give something a little extra special to their loved ones.

Check out the entire collection of inspiration from blog Hello, Friend.

Image from Hello, Friend.

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