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Who knew that shopping for men could be so difficult?  Not only shopping for men… but shopping for men with men.  Add a designer girlfriend to the list and you’ve got instant chaos!  Or, at least it was when I was at the shops with my man last weekend – searching for his Christmas gift.

Not only do they want what they want, but men can be so detailed in their personal gifts.  It took me ten minutes to pick out his Ray-Ban sunglasses for his birthday (albeit I worked for Sunglass Hut at the time), yet it takes him ages to find his perfect bag.

By the way – it was agreed that he was getting a M-urse.  A man-purse, portfolio, briefcase, call it what you’d like.  (To put this in context – he is a professional secondary school teacher of history.  He is currently carrying around a 10 year old rucksack.  All designers may gasp in horror now.)  I got him to see the light.

So, after initial debates about the colour of the bag (he wanted brown, I said black) to material debates (he wanted ‘youthful looking’, I wanted classic professional and leather) we finally decided on a smooth and sleek Jeff Banks bag.  It was perfect for him! (And for my designer self!)

See that photo above?  It’s the exact one.  Never mind the sale currently on at Debenhams for this bag, we hit the jackpot.  It was professional yet easy, leather and black yet pliable.  It works and I expect him to use it for at least a few years!

Left Brain 2, Right Brain 2!

Image from Debenhams.


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This weekend is a big day for me – I am moving out of my current flat and into a temporary room until the holidays.  On one hand, I am super excited.  This means new challenges, new experiences, new people.  But on the other hand – what a pain!

So, this weekend I’ll look like this lady.  Except in much much warmer clothes!  (Joys of winter in London!)

Image from The Satorialist.

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Let me introduce you to something new, fun, and exciting: Soap & Glory.

Have you seen it in Boots?  If not you need to look harder – this fun (pink!) and vintage styled hair and skincare brand is all the rage – ask anyone.  Recently featured in Vogue, the brand is funky and unique, and stands out in a sea of skincare ranges.  Even the website speaks for itself!

Plus – the products smell good!  Smell good, look good, and are a fun way to spice up the bathroom cabinet shelf.  (Push the man’s crap to the side – design coming through!)

I absolutely love it.  The range is fun, not outrageously overpriced and definitely worth buying into.  I recently purchased a set of fun items for my boyfriend’s sister for the holidays.  She’s going to love it!!

Image from Soap & Glory.

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Ever notice those trolleys at the airport?  Ok ok… who doesn’t?  Usually they are a convenience for families – piling suitcase upon suitcase on a small cart in order to make life a little easier.  But there’s something not right with that picture.

I have always felt that airport trolleys are made for beautiful trunk suitcases, such as the Louis Vuitton trunks as pictured above.  There’s no other use for it.  Through the simplicity of a few trunk suitcases, the trolley is transformed into a beautiful way to travel.

One day, I’ll trade in my beat-up suitcase for a vintage trunk.  I am such a big fan.

Image photographed by Dennis Stone.

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We wake up on Mondays usually exhausted and drained – great weekends and now back to work!  But early morning blogging on a Monday has its perks – lets start off on a high note, shall we?

I have always had a shoe obsession.  After working as a shoe sales assistant and having a mother who is shoe-obsessed… I had it coming.  Take a look at these beauties though from Cinzia Araia‘s Fall 2012 Collection.  The nude bootie is completely unique – a great addition to the winter wonderland gear!

The angle of the foot and the hidden platform make these heels look quite comfortable.  The nude could even be considered a wedge – the easiest heel to walk in!

Image from Clothes Before Bros.

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