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How beautiful is this??  Jim Denevan created the world’s largest work of art – apparently about 9 miles total.  The Anthropologist documented the entire story.  Read it here.

I just love this – even the breaks between the blue ice and the snow look intentional.  Absolutely stunning!

Image from The Anthropologist.


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Let me introduce you to something new, fun, and exciting: Soap & Glory.

Have you seen it in Boots?  If not you need to look harder – this fun (pink!) and vintage styled hair and skincare brand is all the rage – ask anyone.  Recently featured in Vogue, the brand is funky and unique, and stands out in a sea of skincare ranges.  Even the website speaks for itself!

Plus – the products smell good!  Smell good, look good, and are a fun way to spice up the bathroom cabinet shelf.  (Push the man’s crap to the side – design coming through!)

I absolutely love it.  The range is fun, not outrageously overpriced and definitely worth buying into.  I recently purchased a set of fun items for my boyfriend’s sister for the holidays.  She’s going to love it!!

Image from Soap & Glory.

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My love of animation probably stemmed from my childhood – I grew up around the animated Disney films (the real ones though, not the digital stuff).  As I grew older, I became more and more attached, and appreciated the quality of design it took.

Now – I love movies such as Disney’s version of The Princess and the Frog, but more so, for the beautiful animation!  But its not all roses and princesses in my top animated movies – most of it is gothic and dark.  Like the above – Jamie Carliri‘s Series of Unfortunate Events End Credits.

BEAUTIFUL!  This whole animated masterpiece was done using paper cutouts and spectral graphics – adding in some Thomas Newman score.  It is beautiful – and playful.  I aboslutely love it!

So… as any designer with a love of something would do… I showed my partner.  Result? BORED!  Bored?  How can you be bored by that?  Something I will never understand….

Left Brain 2, Right Brain 1.  Losing!  Again!

* Sometimes, the credits are better than the movie – some say!  Check out this site to find more!

Video from Jamie Carliri‘s Website.

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Everyone should take a look at this beautiful handmade packaging.  It is creative, unique, and is sure to make anyone smile when receiving it!

I was looking for something like this the other day – what great ideas.  My plan is to do handmade cards and packaging for my holiday gifts this year.  I might steal a few of these ideas – with a twist in my own way of course.

This is great for any designer or craft-oriented person – or even someone who just wants to give something a little extra special to their loved ones.

Check out the entire collection of inspiration from blog Hello, Friend.

Image from Hello, Friend.

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That obsession with typography?  It’s back again –

I found this lovely piece from a design update email I am sent each week.  How beautiful is all of that text put together?  I also love the nice twist on placing your birthday into the web.  Makes for a more amusing task than a pesky one!  They even tell you happy birthday – its great!

Plus – once you place in your age, theres a flash and the screen says: OLD ENOUGH. Clever!

Image from La Wine.

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If there is anything my partner likes more than rugby, its his beer.  Its his beer, in a great pub with his best friends.  To be honest, this is one of my favourite things as well.

Thus, when I came across this BEAUTIFUL rebranding scheme for the Liverpool English Pub in the Ukraine, I HAD to share it.  I’m sure once you see the images below, you will understand what I mean.

The details that went into this project are divine and impeccable.  Each part is accounted for, each authentic piece carefully designed and planned.  It is just a shame that once this branding is place into its home it will be lost amongst the beer spills, hearty men, and crowds.

Conclusion: Left Brain 1, Right Brain 1.   YES!  A point goes on the board for design.

Images via Reynolds & Reyner

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It has been one of those days that you fall asleep to cold rain and wake up to cold rain.  A chilly day for London, which signals the oncoming winter – not looking forward to it!  But I am looking forward to cuddling by the fire in slippers and a blanket, eating this lovely dish.  How comforting does that soup look??

Here are some fun links to enjoy for the weekend::

– My other obsession with typography

Chocolate obsessed and graphically amazing!

– If I did this trip, I wouldn’t be able to leave without one!

– I totally want these shoes!

– I’ll give up a weekend in my boring flat to stay here!

Enjoy!  x

Link from Mississippi Kitchen

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