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Picture yourself sitting on the sofa on a weeknight: bored, finishing dinner and staring longingly at drab television shows that you wish were something more.  Then – at random – you switch the channel to the BBC and are immediately intrigued by the cinematography and unique photos of the Arctic and its beautiful creatures.

Welcome to the Frozen Planet.

David Attenborough – the legend of nature television narration – leads us through the unique world of bitter cold and survival with the inhabitants of this vast ice land.  He is amazing at his narration, and he even went with the crews to both poles while filming this series.

Fun fact: in order to get these unique shots – like the one above – the camera crew would have to be set on the ice by helicopter.  The ice sometimes was no more than a metre in diameter!

In England?  Tune in – Wednesdays at 9pm.

Image from Conde Nast Traveller.


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Let me introduce you to something new, fun, and exciting: Soap & Glory.

Have you seen it in Boots?  If not you need to look harder – this fun (pink!) and vintage styled hair and skincare brand is all the rage – ask anyone.  Recently featured in Vogue, the brand is funky and unique, and stands out in a sea of skincare ranges.  Even the website speaks for itself!

Plus – the products smell good!  Smell good, look good, and are a fun way to spice up the bathroom cabinet shelf.  (Push the man’s crap to the side – design coming through!)

I absolutely love it.  The range is fun, not outrageously overpriced and definitely worth buying into.  I recently purchased a set of fun items for my boyfriend’s sister for the holidays.  She’s going to love it!!

Image from Soap & Glory.

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We wake up on Mondays usually exhausted and drained – great weekends and now back to work!  But early morning blogging on a Monday has its perks – lets start off on a high note, shall we?

I have always had a shoe obsession.  After working as a shoe sales assistant and having a mother who is shoe-obsessed… I had it coming.  Take a look at these beauties though from Cinzia Araia‘s Fall 2012 Collection.  The nude bootie is completely unique – a great addition to the winter wonderland gear!

The angle of the foot and the hidden platform make these heels look quite comfortable.  The nude could even be considered a wedge – the easiest heel to walk in!

Image from Clothes Before Bros.

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