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Who knew that shopping for men could be so difficult?  Not only shopping for men… but shopping for men with men.  Add a designer girlfriend to the list and you’ve got instant chaos!  Or, at least it was when I was at the shops with my man last weekend – searching for his Christmas gift.

Not only do they want what they want, but men can be so detailed in their personal gifts.  It took me ten minutes to pick out his Ray-Ban sunglasses for his birthday (albeit I worked for Sunglass Hut at the time), yet it takes him ages to find his perfect bag.

By the way – it was agreed that he was getting a M-urse.  A man-purse, portfolio, briefcase, call it what you’d like.  (To put this in context – he is a professional secondary school teacher of history.  He is currently carrying around a 10 year old rucksack.  All designers may gasp in horror now.)  I got him to see the light.

So, after initial debates about the colour of the bag (he wanted brown, I said black) to material debates (he wanted ‘youthful looking’, I wanted classic professional and leather) we finally decided on a smooth and sleek Jeff Banks bag.  It was perfect for him! (And for my designer self!)

See that photo above?  It’s the exact one.  Never mind the sale currently on at Debenhams for this bag, we hit the jackpot.  It was professional yet easy, leather and black yet pliable.  It works and I expect him to use it for at least a few years!

Left Brain 2, Right Brain 2!

Image from Debenhams.


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My love of animation probably stemmed from my childhood – I grew up around the animated Disney films (the real ones though, not the digital stuff).  As I grew older, I became more and more attached, and appreciated the quality of design it took.

Now – I love movies such as Disney’s version of The Princess and the Frog, but more so, for the beautiful animation!  But its not all roses and princesses in my top animated movies – most of it is gothic and dark.  Like the above – Jamie Carliri‘s Series of Unfortunate Events End Credits.

BEAUTIFUL!  This whole animated masterpiece was done using paper cutouts and spectral graphics – adding in some Thomas Newman score.  It is beautiful – and playful.  I aboslutely love it!

So… as any designer with a love of something would do… I showed my partner.  Result? BORED!  Bored?  How can you be bored by that?  Something I will never understand….

Left Brain 2, Right Brain 1.  Losing!  Again!

* Sometimes, the credits are better than the movie – some say!  Check out this site to find more!

Video from Jamie Carliri‘s Website.

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If there is anything my partner likes more than rugby, its his beer.  Its his beer, in a great pub with his best friends.  To be honest, this is one of my favourite things as well.

Thus, when I came across this BEAUTIFUL rebranding scheme for the Liverpool English Pub in the Ukraine, I HAD to share it.  I’m sure once you see the images below, you will understand what I mean.

The details that went into this project are divine and impeccable.  Each part is accounted for, each authentic piece carefully designed and planned.  It is just a shame that once this branding is place into its home it will be lost amongst the beer spills, hearty men, and crowds.

Conclusion: Left Brain 1, Right Brain 1.   YES!  A point goes on the board for design.

Images via Reynolds & Reyner

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As World Cup season for rugby dawned – literally – my partner was up with the rest of England in the early hours of the day.  And… as the good girlfriend I am… I joined him.  Well, most of the time.  So when I came across these beautiful photographs of rugby players in a tackle, I grabbed this as an opportunity.

I was going to teach my partner how to appreciate design!  And what better place to start than with a subject he understands well?

So I showed him this photo, among the others by John Ross, and told him to look – really look.  Look at the colours, the forms of the body that are shot, the muscles in tension, the power of the sport.  Creative Agency Rosie Lee was quoted that the project aimed “to visualise the power and strength of rugby players, and freeze-frame it.”  This was their outcome.

My result?  Left Brain 1, Right Brain 0.  He completely didn’t understand.

Better luck next time!

Image from Creative Review‘s article on Into the Fray.

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