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How about ice skating?  My favourite holiday activity!  It’s fun and utterly romantic!  I have been trying to convince my boyfriend to come with me… we are suppose to be going this weekend!  I figure if I can get him to go see Arthur Christmas I’m sure I can get him to do some ice skating!

Would you ever travel to beautiful ice skating rinks?  For those not a fan of skiing holidays – maybe an ice skating holiday would be a great alternative!  Four Seasons Magazine lists the World’s Best Ice Skating Destinations.  I personally would love to go to Austria (as pictured above).  How idyllic!

Image from Four Seasons.


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Winter is coming up quickly – and what better holiday than to go on a skiing trip?  However, if you’re like me and have never skied or snowboarded in your life – a trip like that might not be as fun.  I mean, honestly, who wants to spend all day on the bunny hill when your friends are skiing the black diamond?

Here’s another idea put forth by VTravelledThe Non-Skiers Guide to Having Fun on a Ski Trip.  Brilliant!

How about dog sledding instead?  Calling all dog lovers on this one – wouldn’t you love to take one home?  Adorable!  Or there is always the spa, hot springs, and pool to socialize around wth a few cocktails – perhaps meet some new friends?  Or snowmobiling – so much better on something motorized to blaze through those trails – no?

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Image from Smug Mug.

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Ever notice those trolleys at the airport?  Ok ok… who doesn’t?  Usually they are a convenience for families – piling suitcase upon suitcase on a small cart in order to make life a little easier.  But there’s something not right with that picture.

I have always felt that airport trolleys are made for beautiful trunk suitcases, such as the Louis Vuitton trunks as pictured above.  There’s no other use for it.  Through the simplicity of a few trunk suitcases, the trolley is transformed into a beautiful way to travel.

One day, I’ll trade in my beat-up suitcase for a vintage trunk.  I am such a big fan.

Image photographed by Dennis Stone.

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How amazing is this?  The new Mobile Foodie Survival Kit!  This travel companion is just what you need for any trip where you’ll be cooking for yourself.  I wish I had this when my partner and I took our 5 day trip in Nova Scotia!

Just think – how much money do we spend on the basic spices when we cook away from home?  Each one of those jars is at least a few pounds/dollars a pop!  Basil, Cinnamon, Thyme, Parsley, Garlic, Curry Powder??  Think of the meals you could do with 13 different spices all at your easy disposal?

Another use?  Take an empty tube of these and raid your mother’s spice pantry.  You aren’t taking much, but just a small amount of spice can go for miles.

My next thought is if this could travel by plane – definitely check those customs requirements before you try to take these to another country!

Image from PLANT Brooklyn.

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Tea time in England – a favourite pastime of the British.  I use to be a coffee girl myself until I was converted – now I can’t get enough of my green tea!  I remember my first conversion happened on the flight into England a year and 9 months ago.  Asked for a black tea instead of a black coffee, and loved it!  (little did I know that real teas were so much better then airline tea!)

Then, there was Yumchaa.  I was a TEA CONVERT after discovering this gem in London!  Its housed right around the corner from busy Camden High Street and right before Regents Park.  It has a beautiful range of fresh teas, all sitting in small cups like the photo above.  The tea house design is beautiful as well – exposed brick walls, unstained wood, and mis-matched chairs.  And with free wi-fi internet, it becomes a great place to take friends or even work!

So there you have it.  The first of many * Travel Tuesday * posts to come!

Yumchaa is located in Camden Town, London NW1 0HT.

Image from Rene Humphery.

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