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Ah!  My dear readers – I will be on break from blogging until I graduate in June 2012!  This is an exciting time, however a stressful one!  I am currently drowning in my thesis project.  For those of you that are curious, I am doing a wine retail store and tasting center in the heart of my beautiful city – London.

You can, however, follow me on my Twitter @stellaciroli or on my Pintrest

I will be posting to both of these great sites during the next five months!  So check me out there.  In the meantime – see you after June!

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday, New Years, Valentines, ect!


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Let’s face it.  I am a woman on a budget.  And women on a budget… don’t necessarily get to buy all of the healthy ingredients required for healthy recipes.  But this recipe here – easy!  This “Strewp” – as coined by its creator, Nutritional Coach Linda – looks delicious.  And made completely from vegetables!

I will be trying this out at the weekend – a great way to stay in shape just in time for the holidays!

Get the recipe here – and let me know how it goes!

Image from Nutrition to Invigorate Mind, Body & Spirit.

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Wow, what a week!  I have felt very under the weather, so to speak, and thus have had no posts – crazy how these things overtake your energy!

This is no longer the case, however.  I am back on my feet, up early and enjoying life!  Just signed up to start dance classes twice a week at a local studio in London – can’t wait!

Look for the trail of posts to come! x

Image from Verena Oesterreicher’s pintrest.

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