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Unique and beautiful – china dinnerware sinks into the black table.  This display at London’s Andaz Liverpool Street is meant to evoke a sense of the traditional advent calendar.  Each dish will contain a different treat each day, and prompts customers to explore and try luxurious treats in a fun and different way.  So if you’re in London, head over to the east side to try some of this delightful display – and enjoy some of the events that will be happening each day also!  I know I will.  Anywhere there is chocolate I will go! 🙂

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How about ice skating?  My favourite holiday activity!  It’s fun and utterly romantic!  I have been trying to convince my boyfriend to come with me… we are suppose to be going this weekend!  I figure if I can get him to go see Arthur Christmas I’m sure I can get him to do some ice skating!

Would you ever travel to beautiful ice skating rinks?  For those not a fan of skiing holidays – maybe an ice skating holiday would be a great alternative!  Four Seasons Magazine lists the World’s Best Ice Skating Destinations.  I personally would love to go to Austria (as pictured above).  How idyllic!

Image from Four Seasons.

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How cute are these!  I’m a huge fan of crafty gifts for the holidays.  These thumb-print reindeer are just too cute!  Probably a great idea for the little kiddies as well!  Find out the step to step process here.  The great part – they only take 20 minutes!  This is a great gift idea for friends, distant relations, newly weds (who has time to buy all the fun ornaments for the tree?) or teachers!

Image from Little Bit Funky.

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I absolutely love this time of year.  My family and I always had our traditions in these final weeks leading up to the week of holiday fun – starting right after Thanksgiving.  First, there was always Black Friday – manic shopping – then there was finding the tree, dressing the tree, and baking cookies.  We celebrated with the family on Christmas Eve, then again Christmas Day, ending with a big dinner at night of ham and all the good food you could ever imagine.

This year, I’m spending Christmas in England with my boyfriend’s family.  It is a little sad, since I won’t be able to do my family traditions, but I am excited to participate in his!  English Christmas = mince pies, Christmas pudding, Christmas Crackers… and all sorts of new experiences.  I’m glad they are allowing me to share in it all!

To get us in the spirit a little earlier than normal for England, we went and watched Arthur Christmas – a cute animated flick about Santa Claus.  I loved it!  I’m sure Ben found it utterly boring.  Now I just want to grab some hot chocolate and go ice skating.

What gets you in the holiday spirit? x

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