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A year and nearly 8 months ago, I stumbled unknowingly on this beautiful city.  I was only 20, six months out of a terrible and emotionally abusive relationship, and arriving at Heathrow in sunny London weather.  I immediately felt something in me that I had never felt before.  I felt more at home than I had ever felt anywhere else in my life.

A week later, I met the man that would turn out to be the love of my life – on a tube.  And now – I find myself here for the third time, in a six month temporary job, with a more permanent position in the new year.  My whole life had changed a year and 8 months ago.

This photo reminded me of that story.  I am still madly in love with my English man – even though most people will look at our just over a year and a half relationship as something still very young.  This would be the photo that would explain everything – my emotions, my love for him and the city.

What does this photo remind you of? x

Image via Zaianne Sparrow‘s pintrest.



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